Hello , Welcome to Medi Assist. IBM continues to partner with HDFC Ergo Health as your insurer and Medi Assist as the TPA to service your Group Hospitalization Policy in 2020.

As a partner of your esteemed organization, we at Medi Assist constantly endeavor to manage your Group Hospitalization Policy.


The deadline for the submission of current year claims is till 31st Jan 2021 Disclaimer : It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that they enroll only the eligible dependents as per the company policy, and declare correct and accurate information (such as name, date of birth, etc) about these dependents on the Medi Assist website.If any information provided by the employee is found to be incorrect or false, the employee may be asked to submit supporting documents (i.e., government approved ID card etc) for validation.If the company determines that any false information has been provided , this will be construed as a BCG violation and appropriate action will be taken.
For any queries on enrolment, please call IBM Priority Number: . In case of cashless emergency, please call 7337873492 Or mail to :

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Find your network hospital and also inform us about your hospitalization in advance for speedier processing of cashless and reimbursement claims.


Submit your hospitalization and domiciliary claims on line and track your claim status in real-time.
Note:- Please ensure that all your 2019 claim documents reach Medi Assist on or before January 31, 2020 as any late submissions will not be considered for processing.